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Well, I’d written a really nice post about this day, but the damn iPhone app for WordPress ate it just as I was finishing it for posting. What a waste of time / annoyance…


We went to the National Museum of Scotland — it was modest, but enjoyable.

We had lunch at The Hanging Bat. It was one of the better meals of the trip; the cask ales were pretty good, though not great.

We strolled about New Town and especially enjoyed Rose Street.

I later went whisky shopping at Cadenhead’s — learning a lot in the process, especially about my heretofore favorite whisky, Oban.

To avoid late day rain, we ordered dinner in to the hotel.

At this point, I’m fairly pissed off about losing an hour or more worth of writing… so, I may or may not recompose this post and/or post anything of substance for the remainder of the trip.

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  1. Mom and Dad Archer says:

    That is a frustrating experience, but, whether long or short, we always enjoy hearing about your adventures!

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