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Day #11: Mykonos, Greece

We tendered ashore fairly early and spent all morning exploring the charming, seaside town. 

There aren’t really any major sights on Mykonos (though Delos, a short boat ride away, is a major archaeological site… if you want to tour more remnants of antiquity. Read: we did not today). No, Mykonos is more atmospheric. It’s made for photographers and flaneurs. 

See what I mean…

The famous windmills on Mykonos:


The area known as “Little Venice” (I’m posting these pictures from the aptly–for this cruise–named Rhapsody cafe, where we enjoyed espressos, free WiFi, and a great view):


This church, which is made up of four original, smaller chapels joined under a fifth dome:


But, mostly the town of Mykonos is filled with charming streets to wander, soak up, and get lost in:


That’s precisely how we spent our day. 

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