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Day #12: Santa Fe, NM

After a fast pace the past week or so, we mostly chilled today, staying in downtown Santa Fe. We went out for breakfast burritos and then I took Emerson to the hotel’s pool this morning. 

For lunch we went to Tia Sophia’s and ate a scrumptious meal of Northern New Mexican specialities. I had a flavorful chicken stew with blue corn cheese enchiladas and pinto beans:

We’ve also noticed all of the New Mexican places around here tend to serve a basket of sopapillas with every meal. What are sopapillas? They’re a fried quick bread that are served warm that you eat with honey (and I happen to like sprinkled with cinnamon sugar too). Delicious! 

After lunch, we visited the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and the New Mexico Museum of Art. 

I’ve never been a huge fan of O’Keefe’s work. I realize its art historical importance, but it just doesn’t “speak to me” as they say. That said, I came away with a new appreciation for her as she was deeply thoughtful about her practice (including having custom frames made for her work) and seemed to be compelled (like Matisse) to go on making art despite physical limitations (in her case macular degeneration). I also learned that she was an extensive, worldwide traveler. All of this makes me relate to her more. 

Here’s a painting based on her view from above the clouds in an airplane:

The New Mexico Museum of Art was a bit more uneven and kind of a limited collection. It had one awesome Agnes Martin on display, some interesting contemporary works in alcoves (I especially liked Tom Joyce’s work), and a couple of interesting small exhibitions (one dedicated to the work of artists from the Institute of American Indian Arts and another based on lowrider cars). 

Here’s the Martin that I liked:

Here’s some work by Tom Joyce (note the rings burnt into the wood fiberboard):

Lowrider inspired art:

What was also nice about both of these museums is that they furnished Emerson with art supplies to engage more actively in her visit. This is a really good idea that other museums should adopt. 

Here she is drawing buffalo: 

For dinner, we went to Draft Station for pizza and craft beer — both were excellent. 

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