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Day #16: Home

Goodbye, London!

We flew home from Heathrow on a pleasant and uneventful nine hour flight. The short Alanta-Tampa leg was a bit of a goat rodeo as we somehow managed to get screwed out of our Economy Comfort seats and then lost one of our suitcases at baggage claim in Tampa. 

Thankfully, it was mistakenly picked up by a nice lady, who brought it home thinking it was her bag. She called me–profoundly apologetic–while I waited in Delta’s lost luggage line. So, we sat at the airport about an hour (having claimed her correct luggage for her) and swapped bags and pleasantries. No big deal — honest mistake, quickly corrected. We were relieved to have our stuff back (nothing wildly valuable but some books and other souvenirs). 

That’s probably a pretty apt ending to the trip: good, not great, with a few unanticipated and untimely annoyances. 

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