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Day #10 & #11, At Sea

I don’t have a tremendous amount to say about these days beyond the fact that I’ve personally enjoyed our days at sea far more than usual. We followed the standard pattern of breakfast in the Lido, walking laps around the deck (roughly 3 miles per day), some enrichment activities, Emerson at the kid’s club, a nice dinner all together. I’ve also enjoyed lazy afternoons of reading and just hanging out — working at nothing, blissfully relaxed. A couple of highlights:

  • Dinner last night was very good at Canaletto — the pasta course being especially superb, particularly the pan fried gnocchi with short-ribs
  • Adrian, our cabin steward, is a wiz at folding towel animals. He made a point of especially inviting us to a demonstration today, and he seemed to be genuinely moved that we showed up for his event (he was one of two stewards hosting the show). He even invited Emerson by name onto the stage to help him fold an animal.

Meet “George” — Emerson’s towel animal creation…

  • Overall, this has been a good cruise, and I’m a little sorry to see it end. Traveling as much as I have for work this year, I’ve enjoyed the largely uninterrupted time with the family while sequestered at sea. I think everyone else has enjoyed it too; indeed, Emerson claims this has been her “best cruise ever,” though I’m not 100% sure why that’s the case.
  • Tomorrow, we’ll dock in Ft. Lauderdale and drive the 4-ish hours home. I don’t plan to post about that unless the return is especially noteworthy (good or bad). I may, however, write a summary of my work-related travel for the year, as well as talk a bit about our vacation home in North Carolina (which I’ve not really written about here).
  • Until next time…
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