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I don’t have a tremendous amount to say about these days beyond the fact that I’ve personally enjoyed our days at sea far more than usual. We followed the standard pattern of breakfast in the Lido, walking laps around the deck (roughly 3 miles per day), some enrichment activities, Emerson at the kid’s club, a […]

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Day #6, At Sea

Today, we navigated along the northern coast of South America for our next port of call, Cartagena, Colombia. It was a pretty typical, lazy day at sea. Libby and I did manage to walk about 5 miles around the deck between our morning and afternoon circumambulations. Between our walks and attending a port lecture, we […]

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Day #5, Curaçao

We arrived early in Curaçao having docked sometime before 7am. First impression: as Caribbean islands go, Curaçao appeared well developed with a high standard of infrastructure. Our berth was at the “mega pier,” which is located just outside of downtown and connected by a pleasant stroll through the redeveloped Rif Fort (which is now a […]

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Day #4, Aruba

As I’ve said about cruises before, I typically find that we work our way into some kind of established pattern of activity. Arise at a certain time. Eat breakfast in common place. Participate in certain activities. And, so on… the particulars vary from cruise to cruise, ship to ship, but the pattern of establishing a […]

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Day #3, At Sea

Not a tremendous amount to report on today. This was our first (of four!) full days at sea on this trip. After dropping Emerson off at Club HAL (which she loves despite the ship having few playmates aboard), Libby and I did almost 3 miles worth of laps around the Promenade Deck, which has become […]

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