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Days #14-16: London

Note: I’m writing this about six months after we returned from this trip. I find it difficult sometimes to keep up with blogging while also staying busy on vacation. But, I (usually) catch up. Here are the highlights of our last three days in London:

Note #2: as mentioned here, I’m only posting this over 4 years later w/ minimal clean up edits.

On Friday, we started the day with a visit to the National Gallery, viewing both some old favorites and a small but interesting Sean Scully exhibition. Here are a couple of highlights from our visit.

I’d insert pictures here, but that feature no longer seems to work on the iPhone app.

For lunch, we went to Red Farm, which is one of my favorite places for dim sum in London. The food isn’t especially traditional. Instead, it’s rather more creative and playful, though the flavors are generally spot on. Here are a few of the dishes:

I’d insert pictures here, but that feature no longer seems to work on the iPhone app.

The rest of the day was spent wandering about the West End…

On Saturday, we set out for Kew Gardens, which was featuring a Dale Chiluly (sp) exhibition set in the gardens and greenhouses, as well as smaller works in a gallery setting. This reminded us of the Chiluly works that had been on display at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. Like that show, we found this a joy to behold. Mom, who hadn’t seen the show at the Biltmore, seemed to especially like it.

We returned to London and ate dinner at Duck & Rice, an Asian fusion gastropub, which I took the girls to the prior year.

On Sunday, we didn’t have time for much beyond walking over the High Street Ken for a quick bite of breakfast. We then took a car service to London-Heathrow, where I dropped the gals off before heading on to Oxford to start my work week. This was kind of depressing, if I’m honest, because I ended up remaining in England for two full additional weeks only returning home on June 21.

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