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Days #1-5: Shanghai, China

Note: in the interest of time (or lack thereof), I’m writing these posts more in batch form and impressionistically vs. my usual day-by-day recap. Days 1 & 2 were really all about the journey, having left home around 7:00am on Tuesday morning and arriving at our hotel around 8:30pm on Wednesday night. Given a good […]

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Day #1: To Shanghai

Note: as mentioned here, I’m only posting this over 3 years later w/ minimal clean up edits. Today’s just a travel day: Tampa to Atlanta, Atlanta to Shanghai. Due to the length of the flight and departure time from Atlanta, we left Tampa around 9:45 in the morning, which meant driving to the airport in […]

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Day #3: Hong Kong (Finally!)

Technically, we arrived in Hong Kong late on Day #2. Our Korean Air flight—aboard the ginormous, double-decker A380—was very pleasant. The cabin service, even in economy class, was impeccable. Indeed, it’s sad to say, but they really do put US carriers to shame, including my beloved Delta. We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to fly them again […]

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