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Monthly Archive for June, 2015

Day #12: Chania, Crete

Libby and I vividly recall sitting in the Prague airport a little over a decade ago waiting to board a flight to Paris. At a nearby gate was another Czech Air flight that was destined for Chania, which neither of us had ever heard of nor frankly had any idea where it might be on […]

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Day #11: Mykonos, Greece

We tendered ashore fairly early and spent all morning exploring the charming, seaside town.  There aren’t really any major sights on Mykonos (though Delos, a short boat ride away, is a major archaeological site… if you want to tour more remnants of antiquity. Read: we did not today). No, Mykonos is more atmospheric. It’s made for […]

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Day #10: Athens, Greece

We left the ship early again today to beat the crowds and heat. Like Rhodes, Libby and I have been here before, which always makes dealing with logistics easier. We took a taxi to the Acropolis, explaining to the driver that we didn’t want a tour, that he should use the meter (rather than charge […]

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Day #9: Santorini, Greece

Really, what more can I say?       Not a lot.  Santorini is pretty much a singular, spectacular place. It’s simply unlike any other that we’ve visited before. The villages that hang on cliffs overlooking the caldera are what you’d imagine a Greek island scene to look like with the added benefit of ooh- and […]

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Day #8: Rhodes, Greece

It’s good to be back in Rhodes!    Libby and I last visited this city in March, 2009. From what I recall, the old town within the city walls remains largely unchanged. Being summer, the flowers are now in bloom. The weather is a bit warmer and pleasantly windier. Otherwise, it’s much the same charming […]

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