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Yearly Archive for 2018

I don’t have a tremendous amount to say about these days beyond the fact that I’ve personally enjoyed our days at sea far more than usual. We followed the standard pattern of breakfast in the Lido, walking laps around the deck (roughly 3 miles per day), some enrichment activities, Emerson at the kid’s club, a […]

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Day #9: Limon, Costa Rica

Our final port of call on this cruise was today in Limon, Costa Rica. My sense is Limon itself isn’t high on the list of Costa Rican vacation destinations nor is it the principal playground for expats. But, it’s obviously a convenient stop for southern Caribbean cruises and provides an opportunity for jungle/rainforest based ecotours. […]

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Day #8: Colon, Panama

For most folks, today was the “main event” for this cruise, it’s raison d’etre, why we’re all here. For Libby and me? Not so much. Transiting (or, in this case, partially transiting) the Panama Canal just wasn’t on our bucket list. It’s not that we didn’t think it was a monumental feat of engineering or […]

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Day #7, Cartagena, Colombia

We sailed into the Bay of Cartagena under a sunny, mostly cloudless sky this morning. My first view of the city was of the gleaming white modern towers of the Bocagrande neighborhood, which is kind of Cartagena’s version of Miami / Miami Beach. Given that we’d never been here before and only had a half […]

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Day #6, At Sea

Today, we navigated along the northern coast of South America for our next port of call, Cartagena, Colombia. It was a pretty typical, lazy day at sea. Libby and I did manage to walk about 5 miles around the deck between our morning and afternoon circumambulations. Between our walks and attending a port lecture, we […]

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