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Day #8: Barcelona, Spain

Like Rome, this was our 4th trip to Barcelona and more-or-less a repeat of our other one-day visits as a port of call. Could we have done something different? Sure. But, we’ve found this a nice way to revisit a city that we deeply enjoy. We started by taking a taxi to Parq Guell. Unfortunately, […]

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Day #7: Palma, Spain

With our scheduled arrival only in the afternoon, we spent a leisurely morning on aboard the ship. I worked on some presentations before returning to the Butcher’s Cut with Libby for brunch, which was both delicious and a great value relative to the cost of an evening meals there. We returned to the cabin to […]

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Day #8: Valencia, Spain

If yesterday was a tour de force in efficient independent travel, today was almost anything but that. In all honesty, I didn’t do a great job of preparing for the ports on this trip, figuring we’d figure it out as we want along… of course, this has been my modus operandi for years now. So, […]

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Day #7: Barcelona, Spain

I often liken cruise travel to tapas — you get a lot of small plates of different places as part of one meal. Sometimes the dishes are new and exciting. At other times, they’re a favorite dish that you return to again and again. Without a doubt, Barcelona is familiar comfort food for our traveling […]

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As a follow-up to my recent post about a New York Times writer traveling to Spain to enjoy pork, I thought I should mention that a number of news outlets reported this week of “The World’s Most Expensive Ham” going on sale in London at Selfridge’s (here’s the BBC’s article). Now when we’re in London, […]

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