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Today was largely a travel day for us. We departed the ship in Civitavecchia at 8:15. We found disembarking to be very easy — it’s one of the benefits of passengers rolling on and off the manifest at most of the ports-of-call. You simply don’t have the mad crush of an entire ship disgorging itself […]

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Day #11: La Spezia, Italy

Today’s the last day of our cruise but certainly not the least as we’re docked in La Spezia from which folks could opt to visit Florence, Pisa, or the Cinque Terre (our destination) amongst other places. We left the ship around 8:30, took a shuttle bus out of the port, and then a taxi (€15 […]

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Day #10: Genoa, Italy

We returned to Italy today with a call in the port of Genoa. This could be used as a gateway to Milan (where we’d been before) or to the Cinque Terre (where we’ll be tomorrow). But, we opted to just visit Genoa, as we’d never really seen this city before aside from briefly passing through […]

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Day #9: Ajaccio, Corsica

As with Palma, today’s arrival in Ajaccio was in the afternoon due to our transit back across the Mediterranean. As it happened, this was fine since much of Ajaccio was closed on a Sunday. However, two major major sights that we intended to visit were open: the Fesch Museum (with the largest collection of Italian […]

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Day #8: Barcelona, Spain

Like Rome, this was our 4th trip to Barcelona and more-or-less a repeat of our other one-day visits as a port of call. Could we have done something different? Sure. But, we’ve found this a nice way to revisit a city that we deeply enjoy. We started by taking a taxi to Parq Guell. Unfortunately, […]

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